Get Mogli to America

“When are you coming to play a show in the USA?” – You guys ask me every day. Instead of waiting for an opportunity to arise I’m taking matters into my own hands and I hope you guys are on board. Let’s make it happen together!

Here’s how it works

I chose 20 cities as a possible tour stop. You can buy tickets now for MAY 2019.

The concert will happen once a minimum amount of tickets are sold. So if you really want it to happen – tell all your friends about it! If it works out, I will book a venue and play a concert for you in May 2019. We’ll try to give you a fixed date as soon as possible. If it doesn’t work out you will get your money back in full. We’re working with paypal to ensure maximum buyer protection!

In short:

Step 1: Choose your city
Step 2: Choose & buy your favorite ticket option
Step 3: Tell all your friends
Step 4: We’ll announce the date & venue (or give a refund)
Step 5: I can’t wait to meet you!

Choose your city



We can’t really tell how long the process will take because we’ve never done it before. We’ll see how fast tickets sell and – once we know how many people will come – go on to book venues. It will be well before May 2019 though! We’ll keep you updated – promise.

Unfortunately we can’t give refunds but we’ll announce the date in good time so you can block the night.

As we haven’t booked any venues yet, we can’t be certain whether it’s an all ages or 18+/19+/21+ venue. If you are underaged, we suggest to wait until we announce the venue. If you decide to book right away, we thank you for your kind support but ask for your understanding that no refund is possible in case you can’t attend the concert because of age.

We don’t have a fixed date yet when the presale is going to be over. We’ll go with the flow and keep you updated!

We’re working with paypal to ensure maximum buyers protection. If the concert doesn’t happen and we don’t refund your money you can open up a case with them and will get a 100 % refund.

Once we have a routing it will be possible to book private concerts along the way. If you’re interested in booking one please contact: for further information.

The ticket will be sent to you as a PDF via Email.

The barcode in your PDF ticket can be read from a print out, a tablet, or mobile phone. It is still recommended to print your ticket.